Friday, September 21, 2007

Still trusting

So, I am having another ultrasound. Friday at 11:30am... This is not to check the condition of the baby but to check out where my placenta is in relation to my previous scar tissue from the cesareans I had with the boys.

I know that if I don't see healing in this ultrasound it's not too late, but oh, how beautiful would it be to see a nice round head on my sweet baby girl? To not have to labor with the unknown, to be able to spend the last two weeks of my final pregnancy with a whole and healthy baby kicking me in the ribs.

I have so many reasons to believe Eden is coming home. So many traces of God doing things beyond the expected.

It's hard not to try to explain to God all the many reasons He should do what I want, as if he doesn't see the giant tapestry in which our lives are but a tiny thread. Important, essential, but small. At the same time I see God moving. I see opportunities to dramatically change peoples lives. I see hearts softening that will have no choice but believe He is who scripture claims He is...

Just the other day my mom let slip her heartbreak over my sweet girl. It was a simple sentence but it revealed her brokenness... if for my mother's salvation alone this whole journey is worth it. If to give my mom the gift of, not only a second granddaughter, but more importantly a relationship with her healer, her creator, her savior... I had to walk this path it was worth it.

Thank you all for your prayers, please remember me on Friday...