Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Dear Eden

One month ago, today, I finally got to meet you. I got to see your sweet little face, so like your brothers' and sister's. I touched your tiny perfect feet and hands. I held you in my arms and studied you. My heart overflowed with love for you.

One month ago my life changed forever, holding you, loving you, and knowing this meeting was the beginning of a goodbye.

I can not imagine it's only been a month, as I spent a lifetime holding you in that dim and quiet hospital room. It seems forever ago that the world stopped and allowed us that precious time. Forever ago that I learned what immeasurable blessing can come from something that seems so tragic.

In two days I will reflect on what it was like to let you slip into the arms of Jesus. What it is to know peace that transcends all of our human understanding. But today, right now I am going to remember the way you felt in my arms. I am going to look at your pictures and I am going to feel joy at having been chosen to be your mother.

I love you little one...forever and ever.


Anonymous said...

I am visiting your blog from a link you posted in the Delphi Forums. I am truly blessed by your blog and your God given strength. I really had a tough week last week remembering my Son who was still born 4 years ago because we have moved to a new city and he is buried miles away. Thank you for reminding me that God is with us. I will continue my prayers for you and your family. ThanykYou!

Anonymous said...

Happy Eden Day to you and your family, Alexis. I think of you and Eden and Steven and your little ones everyday.


Bobbi said...

Getting caught up on your precious words of love and savoring the Blessings that have come from "Remembering Eden" I'm feeling God's Love by just being able to witness you,Steven, Noah, Phoebe and Jack experience more of God's tender timely peace and restoration of the "joy of Jesus" in all of you.