Wednesday, November 07, 2007

They say a picture is worth a thousand words

This picture was taken the day before me cesarean. Probably just about 24 hours before Eden was born... seems like a lifetime ago. I was still filled with such hope for my little bean... but very aware this might be the last time I knew her while she was still alive.

This one of the only two pictures we have of our whole family of six. Even though we were all heartbroken we had joy in this moment. I will always be grateful we had this time together...all of us.

Noah and his baby sister. Some of the most beautiful pictures we have are some of the most heartbreaking.

All my babies. everything about who they are is captured in this single shot.

Phoebe and her sister...taken by her big brother. She was so ready to love her for as long as she could.


Anonymous said...

Steve and Alexis

You and your family are beautiful. I am both heartsick and blessed to read all your thoughts and see your pictures. I would so love to just sit and visit with you all.

I know everyone is different, but I thought I would share this with you as it put into such lovely words what I already knew, but it brought comfort - even if just a little.

Oh, well. I can't find it :(. It was a poem. But, as I was looking through all of Michal Noel's things it made me think...She would have been 6 years old this last August. I still cry and hurt when I look at her picture, her little hand prints and foot prints. We even cut a little piece of hair - it was blonde. But, now I can see her sitting on Jesus' lap and playing on streets of gold.

I think about the pain my children have already experience in their short lives and the pain that is to come and it brings me comfort to know that when I get to heaven and see Michal again I will know she never experienced any of our earthly pain, but has been surrounded with unspeakable joy all her life.

I think maybe she thinks about me from time to time, maybe Jesus tells her about me and her dad.

All I know is that God knew what He was doing. I've seen much fruit from Michal's life and death. One, is that her uncle Stephen's heart breaks for her and I know that one day he will come back to his Savior because of the effect that her little life has had on his.

There's so much more. Again, maybe we can visit sometime - when you feel you would like to. Until then know that I will pray for you daily.


La familia Sobaje said...

Those are really precious pictures. Thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

The picture of Phoebe and Eden makes me cry. Its lovely. I'm glad you have these things, the pictures....the time.